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hidden light safety « Theo Bremer Bennett

hidden light safety

hidden light safety

mind images, the foregone past

what have we done what have we done

in the name of innocent fun


ringed red eyes, ringed red eyes

tongue tastes the salty sky


her face a half moon smile

wing-tipped hair that strokes her cheeks in points


strident noise and the petshop goys

all around my broken toys

strident noise, strident noise

all around the petshop goys


flailing arms and sunken floor

numb, confused, i ask for more

i left smiling an empty stare

helpless feeling nothing there but

flowering hate and flowering love

what to say, push to shove


i must go i must go

feelings waver to and fro


our daily airs—

cotton candy affairs

my soul slouches in a chair and loosens tie


the ties that bind the ties that bind

search for love in humankind


words/music: theo

vox, acoustics, bass, electrics, keyboard: theo

drums: michael vanhouten