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little girl crying « Theo Bremer Bennett

little girl crying

Well, I know it’s true—i can see myself- little girl, that you’ve been crying

and i shed a private tear of my own every time i think about your innocence dying

but you know little girl you’ll be ok— you’re growing up in many ways

you’ve got to take a breath, slow down, look around, and keep praying for a better day


i can’t catch the sunshine, i can’t keep away the tears

but you can take my hand forever as the moonlight disappears


well you know this world is bruised and abused— 

there’s no denying

and every time i turn around there’s another rich clown cheat, hussling, lying

the dogs of war may beat down your door, and shake your faith to the core

but when you feel the blues from your soul to your shoes—

turn it into a song


i don’t have a reason why it’s going down this way

but you can take my heart inside your coat and walk out into this cold, bright day


words: theo/vanhouten

music: theo

vox, keyboards: theo

organ solo: jon iralu

drums, bass, guitar: michael vanhouten

finger snaps: laura bremer-bennett, lashanda spencer